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Detail Screen

You get to the monitor detail screen when you set the overview tree as the request overview.

The detail screen itself consists of three tab pages:

  • Header

The header tab page delivers information on the sources and targets of data, rules used, runtime, a user's name, and a user's chosen settings.

Most of these information fields support navigation in the maintenance of the current object using a double-click, or a dialog box, which delivers additional information.

  • Status

The status tab page delivers information on both the technical and overall status of the request. The status tab page delivers information on both the technical and overall status of the request.

If errors occur with a request, the results of the analysis of the monitor wizard are displayed as a long text on this tab page. You are offered the most effective check or action resulting from this analysis as a pushbutton directly under the text field. The step-by-step analysis by the wizard is also on this tab page.

  • Detail

The detail tab page delivers information on the present Monitor detail screen (updated data, updated infos, Scheduler, all IDocs) as well as additional information sorted according to the dataflow in an overview tree.

The overview tree allows you to navigate with the current functions (IDoc or PSA maintenance, simulated booking,...) using the context menu.

The logs on rebuilding, cancellation, and deletion are also integrated, as are the functions for activating the ODS object data, and for the further update of the data in the data targets.

Technical information that cannot be displayed in the text of the Monitor detail tree, is displayed in the footer row when you select a node.

See also:Update Simulation in the Monitor.

If you go to the detail screen for the monitor from an overview list or planning table, you arrive in theold detail screen.

We recommend using the overview tree and the detail screen described in this section.