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Request Overview

The overview of the data requests that are to be analyzed in the Monitor, is displayed by default in a tree. Under New Selections, you can set which type of request overview you want displayed in the future when you go to the Monitor.

The following request overviews are available to you:

  1. You can start your request with the Overview Tree selection.
  2. Using Monitor → Configure Tree you can use drag & drop to adjust the tree display to meet your requirements.

    By double-clicking on a leaf of the tree, you get to theDetail Screen of the Monitor for the corresponding request. The overview tree remains on top.

  3. You can start your request with the Overview List selection. You receive the following information:


    Application Component



    Source System

    Start day

    Start time

    Type of source system

    Type of data

    End day

    End time



    Requested records

    Transfer records

    You can define this list yourself using Settings → Maintain Output List.

    Double-clicking on the current data request and data processing brings you to the detail screen.

  5. You can start your request by selecting the Planning table. Choose Legend to get further information on the Gantt chart (planning board). To get to the detail screen, choose Execute and click on a request.