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Selection Screen

In the selection screen of the Monitor, you use the relevant radio button to determine how you want the request overview displayed. You can also use the various selection options to determine the data requests that you want to check.

You get to the selection screen of the Monitor using Monitor → New Selections. After you have made your selections, choose Execute to go back to the Monitor Request Overview.

Time Selection

You can choose any time period you like, in which the data request has taken place.

Other Selections

You use selections to limit the data requests that you want to check. This gives you the option of displaying, for example, just the data requests from certain source systems or for certain InfoCubes.

To determine selections, choose the relevant pushbuttons in the right-hand side of the screen, select the relevant rows, and choose Continue.

You save the selections as selection variants, by choosing Further Selections → Transfer. Enter a technical name and a normal name. To store the variants as a standard selection, set the relevant indicator. Only a variant can be stored as a standard variant. Existing standard variants therefore become normal standard variants when you save a new standard variant.

If you have already saved selections, you can transfer them by choosing Further Selections → Choose Selections, or Further Selections → Merge Selections. Existing selections are overwritten when you make new selections. When you merge selections, the merged variants are added to the existing selections.

You choose the standard selection or add the standard selection to the existing selection, by choosing Further Selections → Standard selections. This variant allows you to quickly go to your most important selection.

Restrict the data requests you have to check by using InfoCubes. You can then go to Managing InfoCubes, by choosing Goto → InfoCube content in the maintenance dialog and view the InfoCube content from there.

You can remove the current selection by choosing Further Selections → Delete all Selections.