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The creation of InfoPackages and their display in the Administrator Workbench are dependent on the variants.

A variant is user-defined grouping characteristic of the Scheduler. Every InfoPackage and every InfoPackage group is assigned to a variant. There are no empty variants, which means you must create a variant. The variant can be up to 12 characters in length and is case-sensitive. The system only recognises the variant when you have created and saved an InfoPackage (or an InfoPackage group) for the variant.

After saving a change in the Scheduler, the variant is also saved so that the variant is there for the user when he/she next calls up the Scheduler.

You cannot delete a variant.

The variant Customer is set as the default setting by the system.

However, you can switch variants or create a new one at any time in the Administrator Workbench, using Settings → Change variant...


You can use the user name as a variant, or other names (of a department, for example)