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Tab Page: Data Targets

Use this tab page to determine to which InfoCubes or ODS objects, when updating flexibly, to which InfoObject master data- or text table, the data for a data request is updated.

Note for Loading into an InfoCube

You cannot delete indexes, or create statistics or indexes while data is being loaded into an InfoCube. We recommend you serialize these processes using process chains.

You can also use in this screen to get to the update rule maintenance, if the update rules have not been activated yet.

By using Maintain Data Target Contents , you can get to theData Target Administration

The following functions are also available for InfoCubes only:

  1. Automatic Deletion of Similar or Same Requests from the InfoCube
  2. Use the pushbutton in the column Automatic Deletion of Similar/Same Requests from the InfoCube to determine the selection criteria to delete data from the InfoCube. After successfully loading the new request, deletion or cancellation is carried out automatically according to the selection criteria. You can only cancel a request if no exception aggregation has been defined in the InfoCube or in the update rules and all InfoObjects are updated with summation.

  3. Completely delete data target content

When you select the indicator to completely delete the data target content for an InfoCube, the system deletes before loading the data.

When using the InfoPackage in aprocess chain , this setting is hidden in the scheduler. This is because the setting is represented by its own process type in process chain maintenance and is maintained there.

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