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Application Server Java (AS Java)

As HTTP is used for the communication between an application system and the XML DAS (particularly for sending and receiving resources contained in the HTTP body) you can chance parameters and limits, as well as influence performance through the following settings.

We recommend that you check especially the following parameters and adjust them to your needs.

  • Internet Communication Manager (ICM):
    • icm/http/max_request_size_KB

      The default value for this parameter is 100 Megabyte. If you want  to write resources that are larger than 100 Megabyte, then you must adjust this parameter accordingly. If you set the parameter to "-1" , then there is no limit to the size of the resources you can write. The property must be added manually to the profile.

      For more information see the following documentation on the ICM .

  • In the SAP NetWeaver Administrator (NWA) underConfiguration Management → Infrastructure → Java System Properties →   choose HTTP Providerand then check the Services to ensure that the following property exists and has a value that makes sense:
    • NeverCompressed

      (If you want to prevent the XML DAS traffic from being compressed, enter application/octet-streambecause this content type is used by both the XML DAS and its connectors.)

Communication Between XML DAS and Archive Stores

The following points describe the relevant WebDAV and file system parameters you need to consider for XML-based archiving:

You can view the parameters in the NWA under Configuration Management → Infrastructure   →Java System Properties, underDetails choose theApplications tab strip and look fortc~TechSrv~XML_DAS. The following parameters are then listed underExtended Details:


WebDAV parameters

  • The default values are:


    Maximum number of concurrently open connections used per archive store residing on a WebDAV server.


    WEBDAVCONNECTTIMEOUT  =  10000 (in milliseconds)

    Timeout for opening connections (when XML DAS tries to open a socket to a WebDAV server).


    WEBDAVEXPIRATIONTIMEOUT  =  10000 (in milliseconds)

    Timeout interval after which the connection assumes that an open but unused socket has expired.


    WEBDAVREADTIMEOUT  =  60000 (in milliseconds)

    Timeout interval during which a connection waits for responses from a WebDAV server. This timeout is applied to blocking read operations.


File System Parameters


    Forces all system buffers to synchronize with the underlying device, making sure that a resource is actually written to the file system and is not still only located in the cache.