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The overview below describes a few typical error situations that you can use CCMS tools to investigate and correct. Other typical error situations are described in detail in Database Administration, Troubleshooting.


The documentation for the SAP MaxDB database system also generally applies to SAP liveCache technology. If there are functional differences, these are explained.

Error Situation

Some Troubleshooting Options with CCMS Tools

The database system is not in the ONLINE operational state.

Use the SAP MaxDB tools available to you. If you are using SAP liveCache technology, you can also start liveCache in the CCMS.

Error when backing up.

Check the backups in the DBA Planning Calendar: Displaying Actions. You can also use the DBA History display or the Backup/Recovery alert display.

Data or log area is full

Monitoring the Data Area

Monitoring the Log Area

Maximum number of database sessions reached

Change the database parameter MaxUserTasks with the DBA Cockpit function Parameters.

Inconsistent database structures

You can schedule a database structure check in the CCMS, or check individual database objects, for example with the Tables/Views/Synonyms display.

Other Analysis Options

Messages, Error Codes, Error Messages, Diagnosis, Performance, Alerts, and others.

You can obtain help in troubleshooting in the following ways:

  • Post your query on the SAP MaxDB forum in the SAP Developer Network (SDN): published on SAP site

  • Search for a solution for your problem in the SAP Notes relating to SAP MaxDB.

  • Contact Support. So that Support can process your query efficiently, make sure you include the following information:

    • Version of your database system (display the Properties)

    • Logs knldiag, knldiag.err, KnlMsg, KnlMsg.old, KnlMsgArchive (display the Messages)

    • Logs dbm* (Display the logs of the Database Manager)

    • Detailed description of the problem (When does the problem occur? Can the problem be reproduced? How can it be reproduced?)

You can track the status of an SAP MaxDB problem reported to SAP in the Problem Tracking System (PTS): Tracking Problem Messages in PTS.