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Using SAP NetWeaver Portal, organizations can give their employees, customers, partners, and suppliers a single point of access to the company applications, services, and information needed for conducting daily work. In addition, the portal offers business users the capability to easily create and manage portal pages and to generate their own portal content.

Two usage types are associated with SAP NetWeaver Portal:

  • EP Core - Application Portal (EPC) is a lean portal installation, applicable when full enterprise portal capabilities are not required.

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  • Enterprise Portal (EP) includes the Collaboration and Knowledge Management add-on capabilities. The prerequisite for EP is EPC.

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The following use cases are available with SAP NetWeaver Portal:

  • Providing Unified Access to Applications and Processes

    SAP NetWeaver Portal (usage types EPC and EP) provides the core portal capabilities required to standard content to both internal and external portal users. The portal offers a single point of access through a Web front end to both SAP and non-SAP information sources, enterprise applications, information repositories, databases and services across organizational and technical boundaries.

    For more information, see Managing the Portal .

  • Managing and Mashing up Portal Pages with Web Page Composer

    Web Page Composer is an integral part of SAP NetWeaver Portal. It enables business users to easily create and manage enriched portal pages that blend business applications and user-generated content. Web Page Composer also allows professionals to create interactive portal pages.

    For more information, see Web Page Composer .

  • Building Communities with Wikis and Forums

    Portal users can create and build communities by establishing wikis and forums as the means to easily share and contribute knowledge and information. Forums provide the ability to share knowledge by communicating and delivering information to people with similar interests. Wikis provides a framework for collaborative writing and posting ideas and feedback, in order to share and manage knowledge and information.

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  • Running Content Management Scenarios

    Knowledge Management (KM) is one of the basic content services provided by SAP NetWeaver Portal It enables customers to run basic KM scenarios and to use an extension framework for customizing implementations.

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  • Managing Portal Landscape and Interoperability

    SAP NetWeaver Portal provides extensive and flexible solutions for defining the portal landscape architecture. A distributed landscape can have different implementations, and may include a heterogeneous SAP and third-party landscape. SAP NetWeaver Portal provides solutions for remote administrations, single sign-on, role assignment and application execution.

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