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Optimizing First-Time Remote Role Assignment UsageLocate this document in the navigation structure


Content usage mode: remote role assignment

Applies to: consumers


The functionality described in this topic does not apply to an SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment system without usage type EP Core - Application Portal (EPC).

To speed up the performance of content delivery when portal clients access remote roles that reside on another SAP NetWeaver producer portal, the portal loads many of the producer's attributes into the consumer portal cache. The performance improvement is noticeable only once the cache has been populated; however this design might result in longer logon time when a user logs on to the portal for the first time or after the remote role assignment (RRA) cache on the consumer has been cleared.

Note that the initial logon time before the cache is populated depends on many parameters, such as the number of producers in the federated portal network (FPN) landscape, network attributes, and the amount of remote content that is shared between systems.

This topic suggests a way to improve the initial logon time for portal users, either when logging on for the first time or after clearing the RRA cache on the consumer portal.

  1. Create a fictitious or dummy user on the consumer portal.

  2. Assign all the remote roles to the user that you created.

  3. Before any user logs on to the portal and after the RRA cache is cleared, trigger a logon for that user.


You should only clear the FPN cache during periods of low traffic on the portal, such as weekends and nights. Trigger the logon of the dummy user immediately after the cache is cleared.