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 Default Values for Search Help ParametersLocate this document in the navigation structure

A default value can be assigned to a parameter of a search help.

The following default values are allowed:

  • Constants that are enclosed in apostrophes when they are defined in the maintenance screen. The constant must be defined in internal representation for parameters whose data type has an editing template (such as date and time). For example, the date 01.03.1998 must be defined as '19980301'.
  • System fields, that is, fields of structure SYST, where the prefix SY- can be used instead of the prefix SYST-.
  • Get parameter IDs, which you can use to assign values to the parameter..

The default value is assigned to the parameter in the input help process in the following cases:

  • The parameter is not an import parameter.
  • Nothing was assigned to the parameter in the search help attachment with which the search help was attached to the screen field.
  • A field that does not exist in either the screen or the flow logic in the input help process was assigned to the parameter in the search help attachment.
  • A search help is included in a collective search help and the parameter is not linked to any parameter of this collective search help.