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The Online Property Modifier (OPM) tool uses the following flags and options:

opm -s|-g|-on|-jn {VALUES} {-sa|-ga|-o} {VALUES} [-c host port {SID} {username} {password}]
Use the flags below to set/get online AS Java service properties, set/get attributes, or execute operations on a JMX MBean object.

The OPM tool can connect to AS Java in two ways:

  • Automatically
  • By specifying the connection information in the command line with the flag "-c"

The automatic option is the default one. However, in order for the OPM to work, the following properties must be maintained in the secure store:

  • admin/user/<SID>
  • admin/password/<SID>
  • admin/host/<SID>
  • admin/port/<SID>

where <SID> is the system ID.