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Importing a Schema

More Information: Importing XSD Files

Creating and Editing a Schema

More Information: Creating and Editing XSD Files

Reloading Arguments

You need to reload an argument if you modify or delete existing elements in a schema file or if you add new elements to a schema file.


You should have imported a schema and created a ruleset

  1. In the Project Explorer view, expand the process composer DC node, the Process Modeling node, and the Rulesets node and double-click a ruleset node.

  2. In the ruleset editor that appears, choose the Aliases tab and then choose the Reload Arguments button.

  3. In the Reload Argument dialog box that appears, expand the Namespace node and choose an Argument. Choose Finish.

  • If you make changes to an XML schema and save the changes, do the following in the dialog box that appears:

    • Double-click a relevant node to view the schema. You should see two sections such as Old Schema Document and New Schema Document highlighting the changes you made to the schema

    • Choose Accept

    • When you reload the XSD elements, the changes get updated automatically

  • If you delete a schema file, you can still view the XSD elements in the Aliases editor. You should see a dialog box with the message that the XML schema has been removed.