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A component of the Web Application Designer.


The Web Template window contains the Web templates that you edit in the design process and that form the basis of your Web applications.


The HTML page published on the Web is called a Web application. The Web template is the HTML page that you use to specify the structure of the Web application.


In the upper section of the Web Template screen area, there are three tab pages you can use to change the view of the Web template - in the same way that you do in an HTML editor.

  • Layout tab page

    In the layout view, you have a visual focus and specify the layout of the Web application. To do this, you use drag and drop to insert Web items from the pool of Web items into your Web template. For more information about other options and procedures for the layout of Web templates, see Designing the Layout of Web Templates and Context Menu in Web Templates .

    In the lower section of the layout view, you can create data providers. When you double-click New Data Provider, the dialog for creating data providers opens.

    You can also create data providers in the Web Items screen area.

  • XHTML tab page

    The XHTML view displays the XHTML that corresponds to the layout view.

    Each element of the XHTML syntax has a different color:

    Syntax Element






    Attribute values


    HTML tags


    BEx-specific content (BI tags) such as Web items, commands, data providers

    Dark red






    In the XHTML view, you can edit the XHTML of a Web template directly. Alternatively, you can also edit the XHTML with an external XHTML editor. For more information about editing XHTML, see Further Editing Web Templates .

  • Overview tab page

    On the Overview tab page, all Web items, data providers, and commands used in Web templates are listed. By selecting or deselecting checkboxes, you specify which of these objects is listed. The objects are listed vertically in the Web Item Name column. In the horizontal alignment of the table, any data providers and reusable Web items associated with the object listed are displayed. Using Sorting, you can specify how the used objects are to be listed:

    • Grouped

      If you choose this sort order, the objects used are listed by type: data providers, Web items and commands.

    • Web Template

      If you choose this sort order, the sequence of the objects used in the Web template are displayed as a flat structure.

    • Web Template (Hierarchical)

      If you choose this sort order, the sequence of the objects used in the Web template are displayed as a hierarchical structure. You see a hierarchical structure if you nest Web items in the Web template (for example, when you use the Container Web item).

    You can change the parameters of the associated objects using the context menu for each Web item, Web template, and data provider listed.

For more information, see Creating Web Applications with the BEx Web Application Designer .