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The following example of a GRMG request consists of a scenario in which two components are to be checked for their availability:

  • A component with the technical name WEBTEST, for the availability of which a URL is decisive; this URL is therefore transferred as a parameter
  • A component called R3TEST; in this case, the data required to log on to an SAP system is transferred as parameters

    To be able to use this example meaningfully, the GRMG application for this GRMG request must be able to process the parameters transferred in the request. For the corresponding example coding for a GRMG application that matches this GRMG request, see Example Coding for a GRMG Application.

    In this example, a user password is transferred. If the scenario is transferred over an HTTP connection, this data could be intercepted. Set up an HTTPS connection for scenarios of this type, to ensure data security.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><scenario>  <scenname>tst</scenname>  <scenversion>010</scenversion>  <sceninst>100</sceninst>  <component>    <compname>WEBTEST</compname>    <compversion>001</compversion>    <property>      <propname>url</propname>      <propvalue>http://localhost/index_test.html</propvalue>    </property>  </component>  <component>    <compname>R3TEST</compname>    <compversion>001</compversion>    <property>      <propname>SAPClient</propname>      <propvalue>000</propvalue>    </property>    <property>      <propname>userid</propname>      <propvalue>KOJEVNIKOV</propvalue>    </property>    <property>      <propname>password</propname>      <propvalue>tstpw</propvalue>    </property>    <property>      <propname>language</propname>      <propvalue>DE</propvalue>    </property>    <property>      <propname>sid</propname>      <propvalue>C11</propvalue>    </property>    <property>      <propname> system_number </propname>      <propvalue>25</propvalue>    </property>  </component></scenario> 

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