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You can define owners of the tasks that you assign to human activities in your process model. Task owners are evaluated while the task instance is being created at runtime. You can define the following types of task owners:

  • Potential owners

    Potential owners are the processors of the tasks in the process model.

  • Excluded owners

    Excluded owners are principals excluded from processing a task in the process model.

Task owners can be principals that you select from the User Management Engine (UME) or that you define with an expression. You can define task owners as follows:

  • Task owners for a single task

    Defining task owners for a single task applies only to the task. Task owners you define later for a lane or individual human activity override task owners for the single task.

  • Task owners for an individual human activity

    Defining task owners for an individual human activity allows you to define individual roles for the task assigned to the human activity. You override task owners defined for a single task so that you can use the same task in more than one human activity.

  • Task owners for a lane

    Defining task owners globally for a lane applies to all tasks that are in the lane and overrides their task owner settings.


Defining Potential Owners

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Defining Excluded Owners

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