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Not only can you evaluate a query online, you can also print it in the background.

The Reporting Agent allows you to determine the query data display as a Reporting Agent setting for printing in the background. You can set as many Reporting Agent settings as you want for a query.

Upon printing queries in the background, the queries are precalculated in the background from a technical viewpoint and the OLAP cache is filled with the data that is generated.


Since the functions of the OLAP cache for performance optimization were designed so that the user does not have to wait any longer than normal when evaluating a query, it is not possible to guarantee the OLAP cache will be completely filled.

It is possible that the expected entry for a query is not stored in the cache. The query must then be completely reevaluated with access to the InfoProvider. This situation is intensified when several attempts are made to access the query at the same time.


You have defined a query in the BEx Query Designer and you now want to print in the background.


To print, the key figures related to the query have to be in the structures. Change the query definition accordingly if you want to print a query that uses a key figure as a filter.

You can only schedule queries with input-ready variables for background printing if the required variable entry/entries have been saved as query variant(s).

  1. Choose the REPORTING_AGENT transaction code.
  2. Select Print in Background and choose Execute.
  3. Navigate to the required query in the left-hand Reporting Agent Settings tree.
  4. You have the following options for creating a new setting:

    Choose New Setting from the context menu.

    Choose Create New Setting.

    The New Reporting Agent Setting screen appears.

  5. Enter a technical name and a description.

    The following information is displayed on the General tab page:

The functional area for the setting is Print.

Information about the query for which you are creating a setting is shown under the Query group header (description, technical name, InfoProvider).

After the setting has been saved for the first time, the system displays details of the last person who changed the setting and the time this change was made, under the Last Changed On/By group header.

Under the Setting is Used in Packages group header, the system displays information about the packages in which the setting is used, and how they are scheduled. This information can only be displayed if you have defined the setting and assigned one or more scheduling packages to it.

  1. Choose the Print Settings tab page. Define the print settings that you require. For more information, seeTab Page: Print Settings.
  2. Choose the Print Layout tab page. Specify the design of the following print areas:

    Cover sheet

    Page header

    Table header


    Page footer

    Final page

    For more information, seeDefining the Print Layout.

  3. Choose Activate.

Once you have defined the Reporting Agent setting, you can assign it to a scheduling package for background processing.

For more information, seeProcessing a Scheduling Package.