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For InfoProviders with archived data, there are several special features on the tab page Requests in the administration screen of the InfoProvider:

Selectively deleted records/archived requests:

Choose the button in the column Selectively Deleted Records/Archived Requests to go to the detail display of the history of the delete runs or archiving runs of the request. You can also display a log here.

Under this overview per request, you can also expand the overview per InfoProvider.

Deleting requests:

If you have selected the option Also Archive Uncompressed Data for the data archiving process, the following situation occurs when deleting requests:

You can delete completely archived or partially archived requests. A warning is displayed informing you that you cannot load this request again using delta DTP. This is because the new delta DTP request would also request data parts that are still located in the archive. This can lead to duplicate data in the target, if the archived data was previously reloaded from the archive (with a new request). This danger also exists for DTPs in full mode. However the system cannot prevent a full DTP from being loaded.