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Preparing the WS Provider AS ABAP for Accepting SAML Token Profiles for Validation with the SAML 2 InfrastructureLocate this document in the navigation structure


You have done the following on the SAML 2 interface:

  • You have configured your WS provider in the AS ABAP to use SAML token profiles, that is, you have made the setting SAML Assertion in the individual configuration and specified a trusted SAML issuer. This corresponds to the Web Service policies of the SAML 2 interface.


Use the following procedure to prepare the WS provider for the use of SAML token profiles.


  1. Create a trust relationship to a trusted Security Token Service (STS), and activate it. More information: Trusting an Security Token Service.
  2. Create a Web Service policy based on an imported STS, and activate it. More information: Protecting Web Services with SAML.