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When running Business Content queries, you can use the switches in the Switch Framework to control the visibility of query components that cannot be used used any more. The switches are delivered with the SAP application, not with the BW source system. The assignment of these switches to query components is delivered with Business Content. To ensure that the assigned switches influence the behavior of the query components, you need to replicate the switches from the source system. During replication, the switch statuses defined using the status of the assigned business function are also replicated. Replicating the switches to the BW system therefore defines which query components are visible when the query is executed.

If a switch is contained in more than one source system and is replicated from more than one source system, the switch in the BW system is active if it is active in one of the source systems.


  1. The switches are replicated in the following cases:
    • When creating a source system

    • When replicating all metadata belonging to a source system

      More information: Replication of DataSources under Activities.

    • When explicitly replicating the switches for a source system

      Choose Replicate Switch (Business Func.) in the context menu on the source system tree in Data Warehousing Workbench. The switches from the business functions in the source system are replicated.

  2. If you find that query components that are anticipated in a query are missing, this can have various causes. Depending on the cause, proceed as follows:
    • The switch has not been replicated to the BW system.

      You can check this in the switch overview in the BW system. To do this, go to BI Content in Data Warehousing Workbench and press Switch (transaction RSOSCSW). If you cannot find the required switch in the overview, press Replicate Switch (All Source Systems(.

    • The switch has been replicated to the BW system, but is not active in any of the replicated source systems and therefore not in the BW system either.

      Check in the switch overview whether the switch has been replicated from all relevant source systems. You can tell whether a switch has been replicated from the Replicated field. To find out whether the switch has been replicated from all relevant source systems, double-click on the switch. A dialog appears, displaying all source systems that the switch has been replicated from, together with the relevant switch status. If a relevant source system is missing from this display, return to the switch overview and press Replicate Switch (All Source Systems).