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The adapter for Sybase IQ as a near-line solution is delivered with the BW system.

Integration of Sybase IQ makes it possible for you to separate data that you access frequently from data that you access rarely, thus making less demands on the resources in the BW system. The near-line data is stored in compressed form and needs to be backed up less frequently. You can thus reduce the costs incurred by data that is accessed less frequently.

To ensure consistency between online data and near-line data, the archived time partitions are locked and are read-only. On the online side, the data is made read-only by means of a logical lock on the time slice. The data in the near-line storage can be read directly using BEx queries without having to be reloaded.


You need database version Sybase IQ 15.4.

You have installed the Sybase IQ Server and SQL Anywhere ODBC driver. For more information, see SAP Notes 1737415 and 1796393.

You have performed the required configuration steps. More information: Configuring Sybase IQ as a Near-Line Storage Solution