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Process analytics enables you to optimize your business performance by gathering historical, semi real-time or real-time data from your business processes and performing reports and analysis. To do that, you need to extract the necessary data from the process and load it into a SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) system or use the real-time reporting capabilities directly on the local system. SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management (BPM) integration with SAP NetWeaver BW enables reporting on both generic process data and process context data. For more information about connecting BPM and BW, see Configuring BPM-BW Connectivity .

Real-time analytics enables you to report against an operational system without using a BW system. Real-time analytics allows reporting on a subset of both generic process data and process context data. When performing real-time analytics, data is consumed and reports are displayed directly in the Visual Composer of the local system.

Reporting data is provided as DataSources to BW or VC. For more information, see Extracting Data to SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse and Real-Time Reporting with Visual Composer .

Reporting on Generic Process Data

Generic process data refers to data which is stable for each process model and similar among all process models. Generic process data is unique for each instance and can be computed over an individual instance or across various instances. This data is collected automatically with each process instance and is, for example, the start time of the process, the duration of the process, the end time, and so on.

Reporting on Process Context Data

Process context data refers to data which is specific for a given process and describes a process instance from a business contextual perspective. The data is unique for each process instance but the same for the instances of a given process model, for example purchase order data in a purchasing process. The process context consists of all the data objects you model in the process. Data is gathered in a reporting data source through an explicitly modeled reporting activity. For more information about activities, see Activities . The reporting data source is the definition of the data you want to enable for reporting. For more information, see Reporting on Process Context Data .

Process context reporting data is enriched with generic process data such as process identifier and data collection timestamp, allowing further correlation to generic process data in BW and VC. The reporting data sources could be used as a standalone source for business data running in BPM, as well as for correlating BPM with business application data.