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The GRMG request is an automatically generated XML document that contains the following data:

  • Information about the scenario, in which monitoring is being performed with the GRMG
  • Information about the components that are to be monitored with the GRMG
  • Other parameters that are to be sent to the GRMG application

For availability monitoring with the GRMG, the monitoring architecture first reads the required data from the Customizing tables. The GRMG infrastructure uses these values to create the GRMG request, which is transferred to the URL of the GRMG application (specified in the Customizing tables) within an HTTP post command.


The GRMG request has the following structure (in the following GRMG request, the data types of the individual tags are specified in square brackets [ ]):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><scenario>  <scenname> [CHAR(8)] </scenname>  <scenversion> [CHAR(3)] </scenversion>  <sceninst> [CHAR(3)] </sceninst>  <component>    <compname> [CHAR(8)] </compname>    <compversion> [CHAR(3)] </compversion>    <property>      <propname> [CHAR(40)] </propname>      <propvalue> [CHAR(250)] </propvalue>    </property>    ..  </component>  ..</scenario> 

The values for the various elements are taken from the Customizing file. For information about the meaning of the individual elements, see Creating the Template for the Customizing File.

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