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The adjustment status shows what kinds of conflicts occurred between the enhanced repository object and the enhancement during the upgrade.

Status Description

Automatic adjustment (green traffic light)

The conflicts of the enhancement implementation can be adjusted automatically by using an adjustment tool.

Tool-aided adjustment (yellow traffic light)

The enhancement implementation must be adapted. An appropriate adjustment tool exists, but not all of the conflicts can be adjusted automatically.

Manual adjustment (red traffic light)

Apart from the existing adjustment tool (if any), you must use other tools to adjust the enhancement implementation. Additionalinformation about the conflict may be offered. The enhancement implementation cannot be adjusted automatically.

The enhancement implementation is adjusted (green tick)

The enhancement implementation has no more conflicts. It has either been adjusted, or another upgrade has neutralized all conflicts.

Semantic changes (grey traffic light)

Changes have been found in the enhanced repository object that are not directly connected with the enhancement. Such changes can have semantic effects on the enhancement implementation which cannot be displayed.

Enhanced repository object was deleted (trash can)

The enhanced repository object has been deleted. The enhancement no longer has a reference object and can be deleted as well, or must be reassigned.

Empty enhancement implementation (white flag)

The enhancement implementation contains no elements, it can be deleted.