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Creating DocumentsLocate this document in the navigation structure


You are in the maintenance screens for documents.

In the Documents functional area of the Data Warehousing Workbench

on the Documents screen for a BW object

  1. Choose Create. The Create New Document dialog box is displayed.
  2. Enter the required data on the tab pages.

    Tab Page

    What You Need to Know


    The document class (doc.-class) is pre-set.


    BW: Physical class metadata

    BW: Physical class master data

    BW: Physical class for InfoProvider data

    Name: Specify a technical name.


    The name must be unique for each document in a document class.



    This description appears as a link text in Web applications. MIME Type: Simple Text is the default.

    You can display all of the MIME types that can be selected in the system by choosing the pushbutton (...) next to the entry field (seeValid File Types).

    In the MIME Type column, the MIME content types are listed; under Text, a description of the application is listed.


    In BI metadata search / BW document administration, you determine the permitted file types. For more information, seeEditing Valid File Types.

    Select the MIME type that you want to use and choose Transfer.


    Whether/the number of fields that are filled with default values is determined by the specific BW object that you have chosen, or the extent to which you have restricted the number of BW objects in the selection in the Documents functional area of the Data Warehousing Workbench. Input help is available for some of these input fields.

    The individual document classes have the following logical document properties:


    • Object Name
    • Object Type
    • Online documentation: You determine the status of the documents by choosing yes or no from the dropdown menu. You can choose Yes for one document only.
    • Hide Name: If you set this property, the technical name of the object is not shown in reporting; only the document description is displayed. This is especially useful for documents that were created from reporting in BW Release 3.0, because the system suggested a GUID as the technical name of the document for documents of this type. If you set the Hide Name property afterwards, this GUID will no longer be displayed for the reporting user.

    Master Data:

    • Characteristic
    • Characteristic Value
    • Document type (user-defined)
    • Hide Name (see above)

    InfoProvider data:

    • InfoProvider
    • Query
    • key Figure
    • All characteristics for which the Characteristic is Document Property indicator is set
    • Hide Name(see above)

    Technical Information

    Document Class

    Logical Document Class

    You are not required to make any entries.


    For more information about document classes and properties, seeDocument Classes.

  3. Choose the Start Editor function to begin editing the document. The application opens according to the MIME type that you have selected.
  4. Save the document in the application.
  5. Close the application.

The new document is created on the server.

See also:

You can also create new documents in Web applications using the List of Documents Web item. For more information, seeCreating New Documents.