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The following BW tools support you while performing runtime analyses of BW processes:

  • Work Process Overview in BW Background Management (transaction RSBATCH)

    Here, you can display and analyse the work process load on the servers and other information about work processes, and take measures to optimize use of the work processes.

    More information: Analyzing Background Jobs and Work Processes

  • Simulation/Debugging for DTP and InfoPackages

    More information:

    Simulating and Debugging DTP Requests

    Update Simulation in the Extraction Monitor

  • Technical Content, Workload Monitor and BW Administration Cockpit

    With technical content, you can evaluate BW runtime statistics in the Workload Monitor or BW Administration Cockpit.

    You will find more information in the documentation on BW statistics.

  • Detail layer of a process chain log

    To display the runtimes for the processes of an individual process chain run in the log view of the process chain maintenance transaction for this run, choose Ansicht in the menu and activate the detail view.

The section below provides a list of other tools that support runtime analysis of BW processes:

  • Global Work Process Overview (transaction SM66)

    Here, you can display and monitor the work process load for all active instances throughout the system.

    More information: Globale Work Process Overview

  • Process Overview (transaction SM50)

    Here, you can display the work procesess on the application server that you are logged on to.

    More information: Displaying and Controlling Work Processes

  • Runtime Analysis (transaction SE30)

    This provides you with an overview of the duration of your coding, from single statements through to complete transactions.

    More information: Runtime Analysis

  • Performance Analysis with the SQL Trace (transaction ST05)

    You can use the SQL trace to record database calls of reports and transactions and to display and analyze the measurement results.

    More information: SQL Trace Analysis