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In the context of the enhancement concept, the parameter interface of a function module provides the necessary enhancement options. You can enhance the parameter interface with new optional formal parameters, which function as enhancement implementation elements. Enhancing by adding new exceptions is not possible.


To implement an enhancement of the interface, use the Function Builder to call the Enhancement Builder:

  1. In the Function Builder, choose the tab of the parameter type for which you want to insert a formal parameter.
  2. Switch to enhancement mode by choosing Function Module → Enhance.

    A dialog box appears.

  3. Select an existing enhancement implementation or create a new one.

    This takes you to the enhancement mode of the Function Builder in which the original components of the function module are displayed and cannot be changed.

  4. Insert the new formal parameter.
  5. Save and activate the function module.

    The new parameter can now be used at implicit and explicit enhancement options in enhancements to the source code of the function module. This can be done using ABAP source code enhancements .