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An SAP instance runs within an operating system. The operating system provides the instance with the following resources:

  • Virtual memory
  • Physical memory
  • CPU
  • File system administration
  • Physical disk
  • Network

Bottlenecks in these areas can significantly affect SAP system performance. You can use the operating system monitor to monitor the system resources that the operating system provides. The operating system collector SAPOSCOL collects these resources.

The operating system monitor helps you to identify the cause of a performance problem. If the source of the problem is in the operating system, you can use external tools or other external means to analyze it further and solve it.

The performance indicators are

Performance Indicator More Information
  • Average CPU load and utilization

Operating System Monitor Data: CPU

  • Memory utilization
  • Paging-in and paging-out of data from working memory

Operating System Monitor Data: Memory Management

  • Disk utilization information
  • LAN activity

Operating System Monitor Data: File System and LAN

  • Workload due to particular processes

Operating System Monitor Data: Processes

Implementation Notes

For the data to be available, the operating system SAPOSCOL must be running on the monitored hosts. For hosts with SAP NetWeaver components, this is always the case; for hosts with no SAP NetWeaver components, you need to install a SAP NetWeaver management agent on the host (more information: Downloading and Installing the SAPHOSTAGENT).


To be able to centrally display operating system data for as many hosts as possible, note the following points:


To call the operating system monitor, you can enter one of the following transaction codes:

  • As of SAP NetWeaver 7.1, enter OS06, OS07, or ST06.

    The different transaction codes exist for historical reasons; the function started when you enter the transaction codes is identical in each case.

  • For SAP NetWeaver 7.0, as of EhP 2, enter OS06N

You can display operating system data for the following hosts in the operating system monitor:

  • All hosts on which instances of the local system are running
  • All hosts with agents that are registered with the local system
  • All hosts on which instances of monitored systems are running (that is, the systems must be entered in the monitoring infrastructure of the local system as monitored systems; more information: Registering SAP NetWeaver Components and Hosts in CEN)

When you call the operating system monitor, the system shows all relevant selection options and the displayed operating system data on a single screen, which avoids additional menus as far as possible (more information: Structure of the Display in the Operating System Monitor). This operating system monitor display consists of three parts: