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Up to SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (inclusive), the CCMS agents are used to transfer monitoring data to the central monitoring system (CEN) and for other monitoring functions. As of SAP NetWeaver 7.0 EhP 2, all functions of these agents are integrated into the SAP NetWeaver management agents, meaning that CCMS agents no longer exist as standalone executables as of this release.

The functions of the CCMS agents are included in the following programs:

CCMS Agent SAP NetWeaver Management Agent


Instance Agent


SAP Host Agent

With regard to central monitoring, the principle difference between the CCMS agents and the SAP NetWeaver management agents is that they have a different concept for registration with CEN:

  • CCMS agents are registered with CEN on the monitored host. This is usually done using a script at the input prompt or manually. The agent is only started by the registration.
  • SAP NetWeaver management agents are installed during the installation of the component and are always running on the corresponding host. They have Web service interfaces - for the registration with CEN, these are called from CEN. The user therefore starts the registration from CEN, and not on the monitored component.

The monitoring of an instance and a host is more clearly separated with SAP NetWeaver management agents: There is always an instance agent that runs for each instance to monitor it. A host agent also runs for each host with SAP NetWeaver components. Each of these two agent types contains only the functions for its specific monitoring tasks.

Both instances and hosts can also be monitored with CCMS agents. Every agent that monitors an instance also monitors characteristic data for the host at the same time. This means that for multiple instances on one host, the host data is therefore transferred to CEN more than once.


You still require the classic CCMS agents for the current SAP NetWeaver release in the following cases:

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