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The following table lists the available process types sorted by process category.

Process Category Process Type More Information

General services

Start process

Start Process

Interrupt process


AND (last)

Collection Process

OR (every)

EXOR (first)

ABAP program

ABAP Programs

Operating System Command

Operating System Command

Local Process Chains

Local Process Chains

Process chain remote

Process chain remote

Workflow (remote)

Workflow(also remote)

Deciding between multiple alternatives


Is the previous run in the chain still active?

Is the Previous Run in the Chain Still Active?

Start job in SAP BusinessObjects Data Services

Starting Jobs in SAP Data Services

Loading process and postprocessing

Execute InfoPackage

Inserting an InfoPackage into the Process Chain

If you are using process chains, the automatisms of the integrated processes are ignored and have to be implemented using the process chain.

For example, in the InfoPackage on the Update tab page, you select update types Only PSA and Subsequently in Data Targets. You are using this InfoPackage in a process chain. A further update into the data target does not run automatically. This is performed after the loading process when the Read PSA and Update Data Target process is scheduled in the process chain.

Reading the PSA and Updating a Data Target

Reading PSA and Updating a Data Target

Save hierarchy (3.X)

Loading Hierarchies Using a Process Chain

Update DataStore object data (further updating)

3.x; replaced by DTP

Data export to external systems (obsolete)

Obsolete - replaced by open hub destination

Delete overlapping requests from InfoCube

Automatic Deletion of Requests from the InfoCube when Loading

Data transfer process

Creating a Data Transfer Process

Close InfoPackage request (RDA/Push)

Closing Requests Using Process Chains

Set quality status/data release


Trigger delta merge

Triggering a Delta Merge (When Using the SAP HANA Database)

Start real-time data acquisition (RDA) load process

Controlling Real-Time Data Acquisition with Process Chains

Stop real-time data acquisition (RDA) load process

Trigger event data change (for broadcaster)

Including Event Data Changes in Process Chains

Data target administration

Delete index

InfoCube Performance

Including InfoCubes in Process Chains

Build index

Build database statistics

InfoCube Performance-> Database statistics section

Initial filling of new aggregates

Activating and Filling Aggregates

Roll up filled aggregates/BWA indexes

Rolling Up Data into Aggregates

Rolling Up Data to a SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator Index

Initial activation and filling of SAP HANA/BWA indexes

Activating and Filling SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator Indexes

Indexing BW Data in the SAP HANA Database

Compress InfoCube

Compressing InfoCubes

Activate DataStore object data

Activation of Data in DataStore Objects

Including DataStore Objects in Process Chains

Delete all data target content

Deleting the InfoCube and InfoCube Content

Archive data from InfoProvider

Scheduling Data Archiving Processes Using Process Chains

Reporting agent

Exception reporting

Including Packages in a Process Chain

Print in background

Precalculation of Web templates

Precalculation of value sets

Other BW processes

Attribute change run

For aggregates: System Response to Changes to Master Data and Hierarchies

For SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator: System Response to Data Modifications: SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator Index

Adjust time-dependent aggregates

Editing Aggregates Manually-> step 7.

Delete requests from the PSA

Deleting Requests from the PSA

Delete requests from the change log

Deleting from the Change Log

Delete requests from the write-optimized DSO

Deleting Requests from Write-Optimized DataStore Objects

Execute planning sequence

Scheduling Planning Sequences in Process Chains

Switch real-time InfoCube to plan mode

Real-Time InfoCubes

Switch real-time InfoCube to load mode

Real-Time InfoCubes

Reorganize master data attributes and texts

Reorganizing Master Data

Execute analysis process

Creating an Analysis Process

Update Explorer properties of BW objects

Indexing BW Data for SAP BusinessObjects Explorer


Job in SAP CPS


Event in SAP CPS


SAP IQ Partition Monitor

Administration of Partitions in Sybase IQ

To illustrate customer-specific processes, you can also implement your own process types. For more information, see Implementing Your Own Process Type

In the system, you can display documentation for a process type by selecting the process type in the overview tree and choosing F1. You find the overview tree in process chain maintenance on the left-hand area of the screen. You can also call the documentation from the dialog box for specifying variants; choose Further Help.