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 Reset Segment to WARMUP Status


A monitoring segment is a storage area in the shared memory of an instance that the monitoring architecture uses for all active contexts and collected monitoring attributes. A monitoring segment contains all active components and data. This means that data collection methods write the values for their attributes to a monitoring segment.

In the definition of the method, you can decide whether the method should be automatically started when the monitoring segment is started (Startup method). You can restart these startup methods of a monitoring segment at anytime. This is especially useful during test phases. You can view the status messages of the startup methods in the CCMS Selfmonitoring Monitor of the SAP CCMS Technical Expert Monitors monitor set.


  1. The monitoring segments display is part of the technical topology display. To call this function, choose CCMS → Configuration → Alert Monitor, or call transaction RZ21. In the transaction, choose Technical Infrastructure → Display Topology.
  2. If you want to check the properties for all of the monitoring segments of the local system, choose the Local Segments (<System ID>) tab page. You can only reset the local segments to WARMUP status.
  1. Switch to change mode by choosing Display « Change (), and then Reset Segment to WARMUP Status. Confirm in the messages that follow that you want to restart the startup methods.


The startup methods of the monitoring segment are restarted. You can check the status messages of the methods by expanding the Tooldispatching (long running tasks) monitoring object in the CCMS_Selfmonitoring subtree of the CCMS Selfmonitoring monitor.

A monitoring tree element is generated in this monitoring object for every message of the startup methods. Messages of the type "…waiting for execution of startup tools XYZ" are created first; if one of the methods reports an error, the corresponding MTEs are generated.