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You can assign methods to monitoring attributes, and access the method definitions using the Customizing transaction for the Alert Monitor, RZ21. A method can be a report, a function module, an SAP transaction, or a URL that is to be executed as a reaction to an alert.

Most methods (especially data collection methods) are already assigned to their MTEs in the standard SAP system and a change to this assignment is not useful. However, there are a number of additional methods available to you that you can assign to certain MTE classes yourself (see Assigning Methods to MTE Classes). These methods and their functions are described briefly here:


Analysis Methods

Auto-Reaction Methods

  • Defining Automatic Alert Notification

    You can assign the method CCMS_OnAlert_Email to MTE classes in your system. If an alert occurs in this MTE class, you are informed by e-mail, fax, or pager, even if you are not working in the Alert Monitor.

  • Auto-Reaction Method: Execute Operating System Command

    You can execute any operating system command as an auto-reaction to a monitoring architecture alert. For security reasons, this does, however, apply only for those commands that have previously been defined in the External Operating System Commands transaction.

  • Setting Up Central Auto-Reaction Methods

    You can define central auto-reaction methods in the monitoring architecture in the context of central monitoring. The auto-reaction methods are no longer started in the system, in which the alert occurs, but rather in the central monitoring system. In this way, it is possible for reactions to events that occur in monitored components to be performed immediately in a central location.