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To start the availability monitoring with the GRMG, you must start the corresponding GRMG scenario in the central monitoring system.


If Customizing files are transferred to the central monitoring server by the CRM Extended Configuration Manager using a CCMS agent, the corresponding scenario is automatically started (see Activating and Customizing Monitoring with the GRMG).


The Customizing file has been transferred to the central monitoring system and the local relationships have been adjusted.

  1. Call transaction GRMG. The Generic Request and Message Generatorscreen appears.
  2. Select the GRMG scenarios that you want to start, and choose  Start.
  3. You can see whether the GRMG scenarios were started successfully in the Scenario Execution Status column. If a GRMG scenario could not be successfully started (execution status ), you can display the relevant error message by selecting the desired GRMG scenario and choosing  Start/Stop →Display Status Messages. For a description of the possible error messages, see GRMG Self-Monitoring Monitor.

You have started the GRMG scenario. You can now check the availability of the associated component in the Alert Monitor (see Displaying Availability Monitoring with the GRMG in the Alert Monitor).