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An archiving request can have status yellow during the write and verification phase. This can happen for a variety of reasons. You can then set the request to invalid either automatically or manually in order to create a new archiving request and restart archiving. The archiving request is then automatically flagged for deletion provided that it has already been created and that it is a near-line request.


Automatic Request Invalidation

You can activate the automatic invalidation of requests for an archiving request in the administration of an InfoProvider or in archive administration (transaction SARA).

With automatic request invalidation, an archiving request with status yellow during the write or verification phase is automatically set to invalid. This allows you to prevent an InfoProvider from being locked against further actions. Especially in the case of a DataStore object with a time slice characteristic from the data part that is still used as a primary partitioning characteristic in the archive, otherwise the DataStore object remains locked for the activation of new reports and for other actions that result in the data being changed in the active table.

Manual Request Invalidation

You can set an archiving request to invalid manually in the InfoProvider administration transaction. This allows you to automatically set to invalid both archiving runs that are given status yellow during the write or verification phase and terminated reload requests.