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You can reload InfoProvider data archived using the ADK or stored in near-line storage back to the same InfoProvider. This restores the InfoProvider's physical dataset. If it is a near-line request, the archiving request is automatically flagged for deletion.

The reload request is directly related to the archiving request which it is created for. If it terminates, you can flag the reload request as invalid and create a new one.


You can only reload the data to the original InfoProvider using the reload function. You cannot use a data transfer process.


For Pure Near-Line Storage

  1. You are in the InfoProvider administration screen.

  2. To create a reload request, press the button in the completed request's Overall Status column.

For Archiving Using the ADK:

  1. You are in Archive Administration (transaction SARA).

  2. Choose Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Reload End of the navigation path.


When reloading write-optimized DataStore objects, time intervals always have to be seamless to prevent inconsistencies in the DataStore object. This is not checked by the ADK.