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Switch BC Sets are data containers in which table entries for industry solutions are delivered from SAP to customers, in the Switch Framework.

They are a subcategory of standard BC Sets with special attributes for the requirements of the Switch Framework.


Switch BC Sets are part of the Switch Framework, and are only used in the Switch Framework. They do not replace standard BC Sets, they exist in parallel with them. The customer cannot create them. Since ERP 2005, industry table entries are delivered to customers in Switch BC Sets. The relevant Switch BC Sets are only activated or unpacked when the customer activates an industry in his systems. So only the settings of active industries are visible in the customer system (in the database).


Each industry solution delivers its own Switch BC Sets. A Switch BC Set is a switchable object. Certain business functions can be activated in the selected Business Function Sets. These business functions are then assigned to the switchable Switch BC Sets.

An industry is first activated in the customer development system (the Switch BC Sets are activated/unpacked). The switch settings can be put in a transport request and be transported into subsequent systems, when they have been tested. The transport request automatically activates the relevant Switch BC Sets in the subsequent systems.


Switch BC Sets can:

  • deliver the table entries of several industries together

  • delete files individually and generically

  • protect customer modifications

  • activate in production clients

  • delivery of customizing objects by delivery class: the contents of the Switch BC Sets are unpacked into the clients of the systems, according to the delivery class of the objects in it (see SAP Note 2857).

not deactivate Switch BC Sets.

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