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Performing MigrationsLocate this document in the navigation structure


You want to migrate reporting authorizations from SAP BW 3.x to analysis authorizations.

  1. On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Start of the navigation path SAP Menu Next navigation step Business Explorer Next navigation step Management of Analysis Authorizations. End of the navigation path

  2. In the main menu under Extras, choose Start of the navigation path Migrations Next navigation step  Migration: Release 3 -> Release 7.3 End of the navigation path.

    You will now be guided through the various migration settings. In each step, you can call information about the various configuration options by pressing Information.

  3. Select the users that you want to migrate. These users will be migrated. To start the next migration step, choose Next Step.

  4. Select the authorization objects that you want to migrate authorizations for. Make sure that you choose complete user groups. Otherwise, the migration in interactive mode terminates, and an error message and a list of missing users are displayed.

  5. Select a method for generating the new authorizations. To start the next migration step, choose Next Step.

  6. Decide whether or not to migrate all of the proposed characteristic types (navigation attributes, referencing characteristics with hierarchies, and referencing navigation attributes). The proposals are created based on the settings for the compatibility modes. f you do not use them, you can still decide whether or not to add the authorizations to any navigation attributes that might have recently become authorization-relevant. The recommended setting is Yes.

    Normally only characteristics that are flagged as authorization relevant are included.

  7. Start migration (F8) and complete the user selection where necessary until the system recognizes it as being complete.

  8. Read the application log displayed after the program has run in interactive mode. Alternatively, you can call transaction SLG1 and choose RSEC_BW_AUTH as the object and MIGRATE as the subobject.