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Scheduling Data Archiving Processes Using ADK Archive AdministrationLocate this document in the navigation structure


You have created a data archiving process with ADK-based archiving.


For data archiving processes that archive data from semantically partitioned objects, you cannot use ADK archive administration for writing to the archive and deleting. Use the process chain for this purpose. Only reloading via ADK archive administration is supported for semantically partitioned objects.


Archiving Data

  1. Call archive administration (transaction SARA).

  2. Create an archiving variant. See Maintaining Variants.

  3. Schedule the archiving session. This allows you to test it in test mode first, before starting the actual archiving session in productive mode.

You can find a detailed description of the procedure under Scheduling Preprocessing Programs and Creating Archive Files.


The InfoProvider to be archived is not locked against data loading during the entire process. It only needs to be locked for a short period before the data is copied. After this, only the previously archived data areas and the area that is currently being archived are locked.

Deleting Archived Data:

Once the archiving session has been completed, you can delete data from the database using the selection criteria in the archiving session.

You are in the initial screen in Archive Administration. Choose Delete.


The InfoProvider is locked for other actions until the archived data has been deleted from the InfoProvider.

For a more detailed description of the procedure, see Deleting Data from the Database.

For more information about archive administration, see Archive Administration.