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For BW Integrated Planning, users generally need the same authorizations as for analysis of data in a query. As well as the authorization for displaying data, they also need authorization to change it.


There are two types of authorization check:

  1. Check for standard authorizations: Authorization object S_RS_COMP is checked with activity Execute. The user needs the authorization for the InfoProvider that the query is defined on.

  2. Check for analysis authorizations: The user needs the authorization for the InfoProvider that the aggregation level is based on.


    For a query on an aggregation level that was defined on a MultiProvider, the aggregation level is authorized for field RSINFOCUBE in S_RS_COMP. In the analysis authorizations, you use the MultiProvider however.

    Aggregation levels are therefore transparent for the analysis authorizations.

    The following graphic illustrates the basic modeling optoins:

    For more information about modeling planning scenarios, see Planning Business Data with BW Integrated Planning.

  3. You still need authorization object S_RS_PARAM to create global variants. This authorization is not needed for creating user-specific variants.