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You have already loaded data into an InfoProvider.


Besides archiving data from InfoCubes and DataStore objects, you can also store it in near-line storage. Using the data archiving process you define whether the data is to be archived based on ADK, stored in near-line storage, or whether you want to use a mix of both. This data archiving process can be scheduled using either a process chain or the ADK. It can also be executed manually.


  1. You create a data archiving process for the InfoProvider from which you want to archive data.

    More information: Creating Data Archiving Processes

  2. You generate and then schedule the archiving request. More information:

  3. You can load archived data back into InfoProviders.

    More information: Loading Archived Data Using a Data Transfer Process

  4. In a query, you can access data stored in near-line storage.

    More information: Read Stored Data