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All build results for a development component (DC), like public part artifacts, deployable files and logs, should be located underneath the gen/ folder, which itself resides in the DC's root folder. Inside the /gen folder exists another folder for each build variant (Development Configurations). In most cases you only see a folder default representing the default build variant of the configuration.

Figure 1: Build variant folders

To provide extensibility for future needs, only the files or folders described below should reside beneath the folder for a build variant.

  • log folder. The main build log always has the name build.log. If available, the ANT script (build.xml) that has been used for building the DC can be found in the /log folder too. Depending on the build plug-in, additional logs can be found here.

  • deploy folder. A DC may produce several deployable files. The deployable files have the file extension .SDA (Software Deployment Archive) or .EAR (Enterprise Archive).

  • public folder contains a subfolder for each public part. The name of the subfolder equals the name of the public part. Each public part folder may contain one or several public part artifacts (.JAR files).A folder for a particular public part has the following structure:

Figure 2: Public part structure

Public parts with purpose compilation provide the public API of the DC. The corresponding public part artifacts therefore may be used in builds of other DCs.