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The Universal Worklist (UWL) gives users a unified and centralized way to access their work and relevant information. It collects tasks and notifications from multiple provider systems - SAP Business Workflow, Collaboration Task, Alert Framework and Knowledge Management Recent Notifications - in one list for one-stop access.

More information about the Universal Worklist:

Managing Tasks and Alerts in the Universal Worklist (End User Guide for information on how to use the Universal Worklist features and definitions of key terms on the user interface)

Configuring the Universal Worklist (Administration and configuration for the Universal Worklist (UWL) in an enterprise portal)

This section deals specifically with the configuration of the UWL in a federated portal network.

If you are running a federated portal network in your system landscape, there are three ways to make the Universal Worklist (UWL) available in the consumer portal:

  • Run the UWL directly in the consumer portal.

    We highly recommend this option because it is much easier to maintain.

    More information: Running the UWL in the Consumer Portal

  • Run the UWL in the producer portal. There are two ways to make the UWL from the producer portal available to the consumer portal:

    • Using remote role assignment

    • Using remote delta link

    More information: Running the UWL in the Producer Portal

For the UWL configuration in a federated portal, it is assumed that the consumer and producer portal have already been configured.