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A list of welcome files contains names of several HTML pages that the server searches for when the request URL points to a directory, not a specific file. The first match is returned to the client.

The welcome files list is provided so that you can configure the server to return a single page to the client when a directory has been requested, instead of listing that directory. It is also useful in cases when directory listing is forbidden on your host.


You can use the SAP NetWeaver Administrator tool to edit the welcome files list.

If you want to add new filename to the welcome files list, proceed as follows:

  1. To modify the properties of the HTTP Provider Service using the SAP NetWeaver Administrator, use the Java System Properties function. For more information, see Java System Properties .

  2. In the Services tab, select HTTP Provider Service.

    On the Extended Details tab page, a list of all service properties is displayed.

  3. Choose the InferNames property and add a new file name to the list of available welcome files. A comma separates the file names, and curly brackets enclose the list of all welcome files.

  4. Choose Save Changes .