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Besides deleting entire requests, you also have the option of deleting data according to business-orientated aspects from the fact table. For example, you can delete the data for a cost center or of a customer even if these are spread over several requests.


If you delete data selectively from an InfoCube, the aggregate belonging to this InfoCube is automatically deleted.


You receive a list of all InfoCube characteristics and can determine restrictions on these characteristics. Fact table records that correspond to these restrictions are deleted.


The fields for the time dimension are not displayed for InfoCubes with non-cumulative key figures. Selective deletion of these fields would be meaningless for InfoCubes with non-cumulative key figures.

Before you delete data from the InfoCube there are a series of options open to you:

Reconstructing Aggregates

If you choose this option then all aggregates that existed before the selective deletion for the InfoCube, are reconstructed and activated.

Database-dependent Options

Degree of parallelism for reconstruction (ORACLE)

When deleting, there are various strategies that are chosen automatically according to the specific restrictions. Either (when few data records are to be deleted) the records are deleted directly by the database, or (for many data records) a new database table is created with the remaining records.

You can enter here how many parallel processes are to be used in case 2 for reconstructing the table.

Parallelism when Reconstructing (IBM)

If you choose this function then parallel processes are used for reconstructing tables. The database decides how many processes are used.

Switch off Logging when Reconstructing (ORACLE)

If you carry out changes on the database then these are written in the log file. For reasons of performance you have the option of deactivating this log function, but you must execute a database back-up beforehand.

Display Generated Report

The report generated when deleting is displayed as an output list. This option is only available for debugging.


On the InfoCube Content tab, choose the pushbutton Selective Deletion. In the selection screen then choose the pushbutton Deletion Selections.