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Status Overview of DataStore ObjectsLocate this document in the navigation structure


The status overview displays the load, activation and update status of all DataStore objects. From this overview, you can go directly to the DataStore object display or administration screen.


The Load Status column shows whether the data was loaded successfully to the DataStore object or if errors occurred. If there are errors shown in the load status (red traffic light), you can go directly to the Manage DataStore Object function.

The Activation column shows whether all the data has been activated. If the data has not been activated yet, you can start activation by choosing Activate DataStore Object Data.

The Update column shows whether all DataStore object data has been updated to the connected InfoProviders yet. If the data has not been updated yet, you can post it to the InfoProviders by pressing the relevant pushbutton.

Yu can also go directly to the DataStore object display or maintenance screen from here. Select one or more DataStore objects and choose Display (or double-click the name), or Manage.


In the Data Warehousing Workbench, choose Start of the navigation path Administration Next navigation step Monitors Next navigation step DataStore Objects End of the navigation path.