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You use this function to fill a DataStore object with requests that have already been loaded into the BW system or another DataStore object.

This function is only necessary for DataStore objects that obtained their data from InfoPackages. Only the InfoPackage requests are displayed. For DataStore objects that were loaded with a data transfer process, also supply other objects with this data using data transfer processes.


Choose the Reconstruct tab page. Reconstructing the DataStore object gives you data from the change log, so that you can load deltas into the reconstructed DataStore object.

Choose Selection to restrict the display of the request for a DataStore object, an InfoCube, an InfoSource, or a source system. All the requests that have already been loaded for your selection are displayed. You can select individual requests, and use them to reconstruct the DataStore object. To do this, choose Reconstruct/Add.

You can either start loading the DataStore object immediately, or schedule the load as a background job.

In Subsequent Processing, specify the events that you want to execute once the process is complete.


If you select more than one request for reconstruction, deactivate the functions for automatic activation and automatic update.

You can also reconstruct using Process Chains.

Using Parallelism, you can apply settings for processing requests. The default setting is serial. If you enter a value not equal to one for the number of processes, parallel processing occurs. Processing is controlled by BW background management. For more information, see BW Background Management.