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This function makes checks to see whether the data you loaded into the DataStore object contains any errors. You can also selectively delete requests from the DataStore object.


In the Content tab page, you can see a list of InfoObjects for the DataStore object. Use this to check whether the data that you loaded into the DataStore object is free of technical errors. If the table contains more than 40 fields suitable for selection, you have to select the fields first. You can change this selection at a later date in the main menu under Start of the navigation path Settings Next navigation step Fields for Selection End of the navigation path. Choose Start of the navigation path Settings Next navigation step User Parameters End of the navigation path to set up the table display so that all DataStore object columns are shown and nothing is missing.

Choose Logs to view the logs for requests that have been deleted, activated, reconstructed, or added.

You can display the contents of the activation queue table by choosing New Data. If this new data is activated, the system promptly deletes the activation queue and moves the data to the active data table.

Choose Active Data to view the contents of the table containing active data (A table).

Choose Change Log to display the change log table. This table contains the change log requests that are created each time you activate data.

The table contents are displayed in the data browser. This enables you to use functions such as the download in various formats function.

Selective Deletion

We recommend selective deletion only when individual fields are not required and need to be deleted from the request.

Refer to Selective Deletion.