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This procedure requires you to stop the AS Java. Plan for the required downtime while the AS Java restarts.


When you edit the user management engine (UME) data source configuration file, download the file to a local directory, edit it, and when uploading the edited file, create a new node in the configuration tree for it. In this way you do not lose the original version of the file.


Upgrades may include changes to the data source configuration files shipped with SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) Java. When you perform an upgrade of your AS Java, the upgrade does not affect your modified configuration file. You must add these changes to your modified file manually.

If the AS Java is running, you access the data source configuration files online.

For more information, see Accessing Data Source Configuration Files Online .

For more information about how to change data source configuration files, see Customizing a UME Data Source Configuration .


  1. Stop the AS Java.
  2. Start the config tool.

    For more information, see Config Tool .

  3. Choose Switch to configuration editor mode.
  4. In the tree, navigate to Start of the navigation path cluster_config Next navigation step system Next navigation step custom_global Next navigation step cfg Next navigation step services Next navigation step Next navigation step persistent End of the navigation path
  5. Choose Switch between view and edit mode.
  6. In the tree, select the configuration file that you want to change and choose Edit the details of the selected node.
  7. Choose Download and save the file to a local directory.
  8. Edit the file locally.
  9. Create a new node in the configuration tree for the edited file as follows:
    1. Select the node persistent .

    2. Choose Create a node below the selected node.

    3. Select the type File-entry .

    4. Choose Upload and select the file from your local directory.

    5. Enter the name for the entry.


      The filename must begin with dataSourceConfiguration_ and end with .xml . The rest of the filename must observe the following:

      • 0 to 9, A to Z, and a to z are allowed.

      • Period (.), underscore (_), percent sign (%), tilde (~), minus sign (-), and parentheses ((…)) are allowed.

      • No spaces are allowed.

      By default, the name of the uploaded file is used.

    6. Choose Create .

    7. Choose Close window .

    8. Enter the name of the new file in the UME property ume. persistence. data_ source_ configuration.

      For more information, see Editing UME Properties .

  10. Restart the AS Java.