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Administration of InfoProvidersLocate this document in the navigation structure


In the InfoProvider tree, you can display technical information about the content of the InfoProvider by choosing the Manage function in the context menu of the InfoProvider. This provides information on the requests that are already in the InfoProvider and allows you to rebuild InfoProviders.


The InfoProvider is saved actively and you have already loaded data into your InfoProvider.


You can use the Manage function for:

Performance Improvements

If you have loaded data over a long period of time, the list of requests that is displayed in administration will be long. This can affect performance. If you experience performance problems, you can restrict the number of the requests that are displayed (and checked). Choose Start of the navigation path Environment Next navigation step Restrict Data Target Check Period End of the navigation path from the main menu.You can specify the request SID from which requests should no longer be displayed or checked.


Make sure that you only use this function for requests that have a completed status (they have already been rolled up, compressed and have the OK status).

If you want to subsequently execute one of these actions, you must firstly delete the restricted check period.