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You need at least one BW system for content development to deliver BI Content and develop your own content and deliver it as customer content. If you want to develop extractors and DataSources, you also need an OLTP system for content development. We recommend that you connect a content test system to each content development system. In the BI Content test system, check whether the BI Content can be activated. You deliver a consolidated status from the test system to the OLTP and BW systems, for example, to your customer's central system, as the delivery transport.

A Content development system is an OLTP or BW system which is set as a Content system in its system settings.


An OLTP content development system must have the lowest source system release of all the customer systems to which you want to deliver content.

If you do not want to define the entire system as a BI Content development system, you can define a user for which a system behaves as a BI Content system.

The following figure shows the described system landscape for developing BI Content.

Transport from the content test system and not from the content development system. Since only requests that have been released exist in this system, the objects are consistent, in contrast to objects in the content development system.

To deliver content, collect the content requests in the content test system and build one or more delivery transports from them. Merge the transport requests run in this system in the target request. The programs required to do this are available in the Transport Organizer Tools (SE03).


For more information, see Transport Organizer, in particular Transport Organizer (Extended View).

The right side of the figure normally shows a three-level customer system landscape to which you deliver customer content. A system landscape of this type consists of one OLTP and one BW system as the development, integration (or consolidation), and productive systems. You can further develop the landscape according to the needs of the customer, for example, by connecting a separate training system parallel to the production system.