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You have set the customer development system as a content development system. For more information, see Making System Settings for Content Creation.


When new BI Content is delivered, changes to BI Content objects in a customer content system must be compared. It might also be necessary to merge the versions, which requires manual effort. We therefore recommend that, if possible, you do not change objects. If you nevertheless want to change SAP objects, we recommend that you limit them to a few very important objects.

To prevent customer changes from getting lost with a new delivery of BI Content, the BI Content system does not allow objects delivered by SAP to be changed as a default. The following exceptions to this rule exist in a customer content system:

Object Changeability in Customer Content Systems

The following objects can be changed in a customer content system:

  • Objects in the namespace of the role P ( Producer)

  • Objects in standard customer namespace (A* to Z*)

Changeability for Other Objects

You can set other objects imported into your system to changeable by making the appropriate entries in Content System Administration.


  1. On the Administrator Workbench: BI Content screen, choose Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step Content System Administration End of the navigation path.

    The Content System Administration screen appears (transaction RSOCONTENT).

  2. Choose Switch External Content Objects to Changeable.

    The Changeable Objects in Customer/Partner Content System screen appears.

  3. Enter the objects to be changed with their Object Type and Object Name in the table. Generic entries (with */?) are also possible.


    For example, if you want to change all objects that begin with the character string 0AB to changeable, enter 0AB* in the Object Name field.

  4. Choose the mode of changeability. The following mode are available:

    • Object Cannot Be Changed: This option is the recommended default setting.

    • Object Can Be Changed (But Not in D Version) No CTO Connection: Only use this option for testing purposes, for example, if you want to set an object to changeable, without transporting it immediately with the Change and Transport Organizer (CTO).

    • Object Can Be Changed (In D Version Too) Has CTO Connection: To be able to set objects to changeable and to transport them in exceptional cases, we recommend this option.